Engraved Momentos

Hello - I'm so excited to share with you my fetish for personalized gifts. I think it is so amazing and heartwarming to receive a gift that was made especially for me. It tells me that a lot of thought and planning was made to select that gift for me. I believe this is especially true with engraved gifts as they are gifts that will stand the test of time. The name and sentiment engraved on them will stay with the gift forever. It won't peel, fade, crack or chip off perhaps like say a decal, sticker or printing would.

All of the items in my store are engraved personally by myself. Some gifts are laser engraved, some acid etched, some computer engraved and some are hand engraved the old school way with a autograph and master copy.

Chico (my assistant) and I are very thankful you chose to order a personalized gift from Engraved Momentos. We know you have endless selections to choose from, and we will do our very best to assure you are glad you stopped to visit at our store.

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